How to Buy

First we thank you for your support of Galaxy Coin, and with the success of this cryptocurrency we intend to give back to the communities around the globe ASAP.  You can follow these three easy steps to purchase Galaxy coins of your own.

  1. Set a Trustline. This Trustline will reserve 2 XRP in your wallet, we do not receive it (XRP can be recovered at any time by deleting the Trustline)

  2. Click on the link below, and connect your XUMM wallet

  3. You will have an option to confirm or cancel the Trustline. Once the Trustline is set you can start trading in the XUMM app, SOLO DEX, or XRP Toolkit

Note for XRP Toolkit use the following as the currency code:

Currency (HEX-Code):

SOLO DEX May ask for issuing address which is here: r3Si5cWtHZZuKXQERoaTKc7Vhw53RdGi2A

Or simply set the Trustline and then connect your wallet below to the SOLO DEX.

Set XUMM Trustline

We'd love to hear from you!

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